Container Home Maryland


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  • Surface: 1506 ft2
  • House type: Container
  • Delivery: 90 days
  • Prefabricated: Yes
  • Ready to assemble: Yes
  • UPVC windows: Yes

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Container Home Maryland. Are you looking for a shipping container home in Maryland and can’t find it? Our model in the picture is a container house with a total area of 1506 ft2. Built from containers and wood, the Maryland house has a special appearance. With a design from Europe, the Maryland container house has charm and presence.

Container Home Maryland

With large and bright windows, this house is ideal for a family with children. Very spacious inside, the Maryland house also comes with a well-placed terrace. This house can be built directly on a foundation or on concrete pillars. The Maryland house can be assembled directly on site or delivered in a kit. If you opt for a house made of containers in a kit, then you will take care of the assembly because, on this occasion, it will cost you much cheaper.

What does this container house contain?

  • Type o container: 6 containers of 40ft each
  • Surface: 12.5 x 2.35 x 2.69m
  • Windows & doors: UPVC
  • Electricity: Yes
  • Plumbing: Yes
  • Insulation: Yes
  • Insulated floor: Yes
  • Insulated ceiling: Yes
  • Interior finishes: Yes ( OSB, plasterboard, or wood paneling )
  • Ready to live: Yes

How much does the container house Maryland cost?

How much does this container house cost? The Maryland container house has two types of prices. The first price is for a kit house that you can assemble yourself. The second price is for a prefabricated house built by us. The price difference between a kit container house and a prefabricated house built by us is 100% of the initial price. If a 1000 ft2 container house sold as a kit would cost $80,000, then a prefabricated container house would cost between $140,000 and $200,000. The national price of a house in Maryland can reach $250 per ft2.

The price of a container house in Maryland per ft2 is between $80 and $145. The price also depends on the area where you are building, the land, the surface and many other aspects. The difference between the two types of construction is very big. The first is not habitable and the second is ready for habitation.

Why buy a shipping container home in Maryland?

The advantages of a container house in Maryland are very large. Already, the price is 25% lower than a wooden house because it is a prefabricated house. It can be built in just 3 months and becomes habitable immediately if all the rules have been respected.. It is a house that closes hermetically and can have a lifespan of over 200 years. A properly built shipping container house does not need maintenance. The demand for container homes is also growing in Maryland as these constructions are top searches on AirBnB. These types of houses can be mounted on any type of land and do not need a special foundation.

What are these houses used for in Maryland?

These shipping container homes can be used for various purposes.The most common use of a container house is renting on AirBNB. Many people choose to buy these homes in Maryland to rent them out. If you have a business with camping or houses for rent, a tiny house container is ideal for this. If we do a quick calculation, we notice that these homes made of shipping containers are a perfect investment. For example, a container house ready to rent as a hotel or camping can bring a net benefit of $4000 every month.

Is the plan of the house in the picture modifiable?

YES! The plan of the house can be changed depending on your project. The house can be built from 800 ft2 to 3000 ft2 without problems. Our products are prefabricated houses that can be built in various ways because their structure is already made.


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