All our shipping containers are controlled

For the peace of mind of our customers, our containers are checked and revised before delivery. Indeed, they have their valid CSC certificate. Thus, they comply with the international standards in force. Also, these standards also make it possible to ensure the quality that we can expect in terms of solidity, tightness, reliability and durability. offers 2 categories of containers: new (also called 1° voyage) and used.

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New Containers

Imported from China, all our new shipping containers (also called first trip containers) are manufactured to high quality specifications and meet all applicable international standards.

  • Manufactured with corrosion resistant Corten steel
  • Equipped with natural ventilation to prevent condensation
  • Fitted with waist locking bolt handles (door handles) for ease of use
  • Many colors are available
  • The floor is made of 28 mm marine wood certified anti-rot and anti-vermin Factory-installed padlock cover

Used containers

Shipping containers have been used for many years as a simple, economical and practical means for space, security and storage needs. Shipping containers are commonly used by all types of companies: industries, construction, services and also by communities, restaurants, sports clubs, individuals.

A second-hand container has by definition lived or rather sailed on all the oceans of the globe. They therefore have bumps and rust spots on the surface. Our second-hand containers are chosen by the partners of Each container has its valid airworthiness certificate and therefore meets quality standards. Our second-hand shipping containers are airtight and watertight and structurally in good condition: doors, floors and meet all the functionality criteria expected by our customers.