What are the advantages of a habitable container? Au vue du contexte immobilier actuel, choisir une maison container que la maison classique comporte de nombreux avantages.En effet, le container habitable en plus d’être solide, est très économique et ecological. Les containers habitables s’affirment comme des lieux de vie à la fois confortables avec un excellent rapport qualité-prix. The realization price is estimated to be around 25% less than the Classique construction. The construction site of the container houses is realized very quickly with few nuisances coupled with a reduced start-up time. In fact, for a container house construction site, it takes an average of 8 weeks. Pour all your construction projects, Home container accompanies you in the complete execution of these projects.

The advantages of a habitable container

In addition to being modular, the habitable container does not require a heavy foundation. Elle jouit d’une solidité à toutes épreuves notably les vents violentes, les tempêtes, et even le seisme, ceux grâce aux ossatures metallices en acier. Les containers habitables de notre entreprise Home container, ne dérogent pas à cette robustesse. Ilsont une ossature en acier galvanisé avec une appreciable thermique isolation. They are also easily removable.

Customizable, habitable containers are ecological. In effect, the use of containers in the construction of a house is a guarantee of having easily recyclable blocks. To personalize your living space in container houses, you can choose the color of the exterior paints, the type of cladding , covering, furniture and sanitary facilities. In addition, at your convenience, you can add high-end outdoor installations that add cachet to your habitable container, such as an automatic exterior lighting or a private terrace. In addition, this construction is environmentally friendly because it does not require soil modification. In order to offer you a better product of quality, we use state-of-the-art technologies and work with the best factories in the world. Come and discover the X series of our habitable containers.