What is the price of a living container? The cost price of a habitable container is not easy to determine. Like the construction of a classic house, the price is determined according to a certain number of elements and factors such as the nature of the floor covering (PVC or solid parquet), the nature of the heating, the quality of the sanitary facilities as well. other accessories, ceiling height, etc. Is it that a standard habitable container will not have the same price as a high cube container.

Price of a living container

However, an estimate can be made. Indeed, the average cost of a habitable container can be estimated at approximately $1499 ft2. Given the nature of your project and the arrangements to be made, such as containers with a glazed part, the cost can be estimated at $3,000 ft2. To meet your expectations in terms of budget, we have a varied range of fully equipped living containers perfectly adapted to your budgets. Whether you are a real estate service, a professional investor, a trader, you will find with us, high-end living containers perfectly suited to your needs. With our container houses, it is the guarantee of a long-lasting investment.

Home container is a company with significant experience in the design of habitable containers. It is now possible to have the four walls in a container. We offer various formulas of container houses, adapted to all your budgets and needs for professionals. So don’t hesitate to call us. Our teams are entirely to accompany you from the field study to the establishment of your house.